• Christy Burbidge

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

I noticed that some of my Amazon reviews mention problems with the editing and formatting in Paulie the Piping Plover. I thought, that's odd. The book went through several rounds of editing with the publisher (which was not Who Chains You, but BookBaby). So, what happened?!

After looking into it, I realized that I the PDF (free) version that was in circulation was not the final version of the book; but rather, a draft from March 2019. D'oh, indeed! This was my own fault, as I was the one to upload it into the hub.

I contacted BookBaby just now, got the correct version of the book, uploaded it to the hub, and all is well.

I do want to point out, though, that the hardcover version of book is and has always been the *correct* (error-free) version. So if you purchase the book on Amazon, you will get this version. Phew!

(Now, if only I could move on and stop obsessing over the reviews that mention this...!)


  • Christy Burbidge

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Hi, Everyone! I created this blog as a place to share posts that are too long for my Facebook Author Page.

Recently, I have had the privilege to meet and interview Lois Davis, founder of Fish Face Publishing and author of the series Mincemeat's World of Adventures (and several other wonderful books)! Lois has become my new friend from 'across the pond!'

What strikes me the most about Lois's books, apart from the wildly imaginative characters and settings, is her weaving in of kindness and empathy into each and every story line. I introduced myself to Mincemeat earlier this fall, as I was reading up on some of the newest animal books released on the market.

Welcome, Lois! Let's start by hearing more about your background. And, have you always been a writer?

Thank you for inviting me, Christy! No, I haven't always been a writer, although I

did join a creative writing class when I was 16. I also wrote poetry – you know, the

teenage angst kind! So I guess there was always a leaning towards becoming a

writer. It just needed a channel to emerge, and it was many years later when my

twin grandkids went to live in Brazil! I started writing to them in the form of

letters, and it was soon clear that I could write children's fiction. I get the gift from

my lovely dad. He used to make up stories when my sister and I were little, but he

never wrote anything down.

What inspired Mincemeat as a character?

I am often asked this question. All I can think of is that as a child I had a favourite

book. It was called 'Carbonel' the story about a cat, a broomstick, and a

schoolgirl called Rosemary. I loved that book and read it over and over.

How do you select the names of your characters and settings?

Now there's a question! Truly, the names just spring into my head at random

times of the day and night and in all sorts of different places! I am always amazed

by them!

You'd mentioned you do classroom visits quite frequently. Tell us a little bit about your 'performance' side!

I think I inherited the actress in me from my mother! She did amateur dramatics,

and I was in school plays. I dress up crazy for my school visits and online

workshops. I have a hat which I really went to town with decorating! I call it my

'thinking' hat! The kids adore it especially when I say they aren't to laugh!

What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

Thinking on your feet when in front of the children. One school I visited just

dropped me in at the deep end when I arrived, telling me that I would have a class

of 3-year-olds. My repertoire was prepped for ages 5 – 11 but it all went well, and

they loved it. Having a variety of props helps! I take a whole variety with me into

schools. Here is one of the favorites – a 1920s fully functioning baby sewing

machine that I sourced on eBay. The bidding went to the wire and was nail biting

stuff I can tell you. I secured it with seconds to go! The kids just love turning the


What was your favorite childhood book, and why?

Besides 'Carbonel' books in 'The Milly-Molly-Mandy' series all about the

adventures of Milly-Molly-Mandy of course! Milly-Molly-Mandy called her mother

"Muvver." My sister and I always called our mother "Muvver" after that, right up

until she passed in 2019.

Thank you so much for your time!

Thanks so much for having me Christy. It's been fun!

Lois's Amazon page can be found here. Please also check her out on Facebook and