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Amazon Reviews... D'oh!

I noticed that some of my Amazon reviews mention problems with the editing and formatting in Paulie the Piping Plover. I thought, that's odd. The book went through several rounds of editing with the publisher (which was not Who Chains You, but BookBaby). So, what happened?!

After looking into it, I realized that I the PDF (free) version that was in circulation was not the final version of the book; but rather, a draft from March 2019. D'oh, indeed! This was my own fault, as I was the one to upload it into the hub.

I contacted BookBaby just now, got the correct version of the book, uploaded it to the hub, and all is well.

I do want to point out, though, that the hardcover version of book is and has always been the *correct* (error-free) version. So if you purchase the book on Amazon, you will get this version. Phew!

(Now, if only I could move on and stop obsessing over the reviews that mention this...!)


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